SAP S/4HANA Migration Guide

According to PwC research, by 2020, hybrid ERP environments – combining on premise and cloud solutions, will be the norm. Many IT executives have begun to move their core, often legacy applications from on-premise to public cloud infrastructure with varying levels of success. However, maintaining core systems is critical to business as usual. An SAP S/4HANA migration guide can easily create this digital core by connecting to people, devices, and business networks in real-time to deliver new value.

Top Strategic Priorities for CIOS with SAP HANA in 2018

As we enter a new year, we have already begun to see the technological landscape shift dramatically. Driven largely by digitization, new technologies, and rapidly increasing data sets, the modern CIO must deliver business value. They must drive innovation. CIOs and IT leaders have the opportunity to deliver more value than ever before. The most successful CIOs are those that recognize and adapt to these evolving challenges and opportunities.


Data Security :

More organizations are experiencing cyberattacks within their networks as devices become connected and more public information is stored in the cloud. IT leaders must place a strategic focus and budget money to address protecting their company information. Data protection will be at the forefront of cybersecurity strategies in 2018. Security in SAP HANA means protecting important data from unauthorized access and ensures that the standards and compliance meet as security standard adopted by the company. To manage secure data access and protect corporate information, SAP HANA provides a comprehensive security framework and tooling for authentication and single sign-on, authorization and role management, user and identity management, audit logging, secure configuration and encryption.


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Visit LSI at Sapphire Now 2018

Logistic Solutions Inc. is returning to the Orlando for this year’s ASUG Pre-Conference Seminars, June 4, and the Sapphire Now Conference, June 5-7. As a Gold Partner and the only Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) SAP Value Added Reseller (VAR), LSI was awarded the SAP North America Partner Excellence Award in 2016 and is looking to continue positive growth as we partner with more companies moving forward.

LSI will be located in booth 1419B of the partner section of Sapphire Now’s show floor. Visit us to learn how LSI can work for you as a value adding reseller. Understand how we are use SAP products to develop new Business and IT solutions. Additionally, LSI services a wide variety of clients in providing industry specialized software. Take advantage of the various networking opportunities we can provide through our clients and vendors, many of whom are Fortune 500 companies. Along with our booth, the 2018 Sapphire Now Conference displays all of its other exhibiting partners. This year’s distinguished Keynote speakers include a handful of 2018 Olympic medalists and SAP representatives. Over the span of the event, Sapphire Now offers nearly 2,000 sessions and presentations to attend. Take advantage of these great opportunities and visit booth 1419B to see how LSI can help you grow.

Merck’s Economic Inclusion Supplier of the Year Award

We are also the proud recipient of “Merck’s Economic Inclusion Supplier of the Year Award ”. A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step and LSI is happy and proud to have gotten to the place where we currently are. It has been a wonderful experience working with Merck and its leaders who have been pivotal to our growth. Merck, noticed our relentless efforts in succeeding every opportunity we grab and came forward to help us grow. We got our strings attached with Merck in 2014 as a Software Reseller and by being flexible and client centric in our approach, we have created further stronger bonds within Merck on its potential business opportunities and helped Merck overcome or solve its business problems by applying right technology solutions.



Software Reseller Service & Installs-Configurations:

The LSI group is satisfied software reseller service provider which stands as the top software service providers in North America to report their accomplishment of being granted the SAP Gold Partner status with Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) supplier in software services. As the main counselling association committed to furnishing mid-showcase clients with best in class SAP value added reseller services, SAP and SAS implementation services, SAP and SAS installation and configuration services to convey best practices in business activities, this respect speaks to our exceptionally talented group’s tireless drive to accomplish higher guidelines. Notwithstanding being perceived as a standout amongst the best SAP and SAS implementation services in north America accomplices for mid-advertise SAP clients, LSI is additionally yearly granted the refinement of being viewed as one of the best MBE value added resellers (VARs) in the country. Not exclusively do these accomplishments speak to our sense of duty regarding SAP, they are likewise an impression of the esteem we give to customers. For a long time, LSI has been respected for its solid corporate culture concentrated on giving streamlined and mechanized ERP frameworks, related programming, data innovation (IT) arrangements and support, to undertakings inside the assembling, discount conveyance, and online retail ventures.

Being a Software reseller services provider in north America it takes its privilege in considering the projects with and as MBE Oracle partner, MBE Microsoft partner, BMC software vendors, EMC software vendors, ZIMWARE software vendors, dassault systems resellers and fulfils all the IT software solutions in north America. It takes into consideration the services regarding the MBE software reseller services and provides Oracle reseller services in North America. We are expertized in solving the Microsoft and Dassualt installation and configuration services.

To expand its range of services it also includes Big data and analytics solutions. Out of the leading Big data and analytics consulting companies LSI contribute the professional big data and business analytics services and stands top amongst the big data and analytics services in North America.

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Sapphire Call to Lead Purpose: Great for the World and Good for Business

AL Limaye with Ex-President, US – Barack Obama at Call2Lead event, SapphireNow 2018 hosted by President, SAP – Jen Morgan.


There are issues near and dear to everyone’s heart. And many people find that having a purpose – committing their time and energy to a higher cause – gives their lives greater meaning.

Since businesses are composed of people, it’s natural that companies are taking a similar stance.

More and more organizations today are supporting noble societal causes and prioritizing policies that make the world a better place.


It’s the right thing to do. But there’s also an often-overlooked by-product: It creates real business value.


AL Limaye with Condoleezza Rice at Call2Lead event, SapphireNow 2018


Dedicating your company to the greater good

People are proud to work for companies that putpurpose-driven activities at the forefront of their operations.

I know I am.

For more than 25 years, the enterprise I found and run– Logistic Solutions Inc., has taken keen interest in meaningful issues, such as protecting the environment, reducing homelessness, and helping people with disabilities.

In 2001, we launched Adopt-A-Company, a voluntary, probono program aimed at connecting large enterprises with small organizations recovering from losses due to the tragic events of 9/11.

The large companies “adopt” the small businesses by supporting them with foot traffic, client referrals, monetary/in-kind donations, or other free services. More than 400 establishments have benefited from our Adopt-A-Company initiative to date.

We also emphasize the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Our dedication to building an unbiased environment that provides equal opportunitiesregardless of gender, race, or sexual orientation is unwavering.

Currently, 75% of our workforce is composed of either female or Asian-American employees. And we have plans to engage differently abled individuals, military veterans, and senior citizens to join our staff in the future.

Our sustainability efforts involve reducing the use of natural resources, minimizing our environmental impact with energy-efficient technology, and developing solutions that create customer value and protect our planet.

We’re fulfilling our environmental responsibilities by participating in an internal Energy Saving Program and subscribing to the 3-R philosophy (reduce, reuse, and recycle).

Many organizations around the globe are dedicating their companies to the greater good. And with a growing commitment to sustainability, diversity, and other important issues, we’re all playing a critical role in shaping our future.

Doing the right thing opens doors and reaps rewards
Supporting purpose-driven activitiesis the right thing to do. But committing to these efforts can also provide your organization with plenty of valuable business outcomes and opportunities.

Our company, for instance, has benefited from creating a diverse, inclusive workforce. Not only have we expanded our knowledge base with contributions from people of different genders, races, and sexual orientations, but our standing as a Certified Diverse Supplier has continually put us in a position to grow our business.

Specifically, it has allowed us to participate in minority councils and meet with stakeholders from large companies,leading to potential business connections.

And we surely aren’t the only organization that has reaped the rewards of having a diverse, inclusive workforce.

A 2017 McKinsey report found that companies whose executive teams rank in the top 25% for racial and ethnic diversity are 33% more likely to financially outperform their industry peers.

Harvard Business Review says that organizations with more diverse leadership out-innovate competitors.

And a new Cloverpop study reveals that inclusive teams make better business decisions 87% of the time.

Prioritizing purpose drives business success
Succeeding as a business is secondary to doing right in the world. Though, of course, every organization should aim to do both.

Customers don’t only want to do business with enterprises that are capable, they want to be involved with companies that share their values on diversity, inclusion, sustainability, and other societal causes.

They want to know that your organization stands for something truly important – just like they do.

I have always ensure that the company Ifound will and should have a commitment for noble cause and not just look at the ROI; that eventually drives me and my business to success

Remember: Putting purpose at the core of your company is both great for the world and good for business.

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Corporate Social Responsibility & Supplier Diversity Services

The philosophy for the SAP gold partners in North America positioning incorporates surveying the SAP Consulting Services in USA, assessing Supplier diversity services and corporate social responsibility services. Subsequent to leading inside and out research and a multi-step examination, LSI outperformed their industry companions and SAP named them a Gold Partner. To be perceived by SAP for being the main affiliate of SAP business intelligence solutions and in addition for our responsibility regarding the Minority Business Enterprise services, is a great respect. We will keep on providing developing little and moderate-sized organizations with SAP’s supplier diversity management services,SAP customer relationship management service, SAP and SAS strategic consulting services, SAP corporate social responsibility services to meet their particular needs. We’re anticipating keeping up the Gold Partner level, adding to our group of much esteemed customers, surpassing the desires of existing customers and meeting the necessities of future clients.

For over many years, the staff of LSI has delighted in working with the pioneers of SAP business intelligence services. Foundation has helped to become a MBE service provider in North America. We would not have accomplished the Gold Partner status without our brilliant SAP strategic consulting and services. We didn’t end up known as the Microsoft gold partners in north America too little and fair sized assembling, without our customers alluding business to us. Adding quality to communitarian endeavours with our customers, SAP’s Partner Program encourages the creation and support of long-haul associations with our SAP Business clients.

SAP FKOM 2016 – Las Vegas, USA

SAP North America Partner Excellence Award

SAP FKOM 2016 - Las Vegas, USA


Logistic Solutions Inc. is the recipient of an SAP North America Partner Excellence Award for SAP Platform Solutions. Awards were presented by SAP to the top-performing SAP partners in the North America region that have made outstanding contributions to driving our customers’ digital transformation. Recipients of this year’s awards have been – in partnership with SAP – helping customers adopt innovation easily, gain results rapidly, grow sustainably and run more simply with SAP solutions. “Being an MBE, it was a breakthrough moment for us to become the Value Added reseller of SAP and we were the only MBE VAR of SAP then, such accreditations itself has pushed us to peddle hard to make sure we make stories and it is well accolade by winning this award especially among many big players! Our team is extremely thrilled and energized more to continue working with SAP, to provide uncompromising choice and strategy to evolving business problems for our customers to steer their organization forward” says Al Limaye, President, Logistic Solutions Inc., Selected from SAP’s wide-ranging partner base, nominations for the SAP Partner Excellence Awards were based on internal SAP sales data. A steering committee composed of regional and global SAP representatives determined winning partners in each category according to numerous criteria such as sales achievement and performance. Awards were presented in a variety of categories, including overall sales, innovation, technology, services and solution-specific areas.