Piscataway, NJ—Companies and individuals looking to support diverse and local businesses will now have a simple way to find them. The Diverse Yellow Pages (DiverseYP)™ app will instantly connect individuals to diverse, local, and micro businesses.

DiverseYP™ aims to democratize growth for diverse businesses that are small and local by allowing individuals to immediately find micro businesses to support, whether that is a restaurant, coffee shop, a hotel, or a taxi driver.

This novel concept has been launched with the support of Coca-Cola in Miami.

Fernando Hernandez, Global Leader, Supplier Diversity said, “The Coca-Cola company is inspired by the ways the concept is developed, supporting the diverse, local businesses. Individuals and corporate professionals can choose the diversity businesses they want to support, do the spend and create a difference to the local community. I see this platform as an avenue for local businesses that are underserved to survive and thrive!”

The DiverseYP app had been presented at a series of conferences like WBENC and NGLCC during the second week of November 2021. The app is already in use in Miami, where business professionals are excited to use it to connect with African American, Hispanic, LGBTQ+, Veteran, Women-owned, and other minority, and underserved businesses to see the impact of their spending in real time.

One of the features of the app that many corporate professionals value provides insight into their impact on diverse businesses and microeconomies. This insight supports professionals in their quest to build diversity and inclusion into their supply chain, enabling DiverseYP™ to foster both B2B and B2C connections.

When resources can be kept local, communities can build foundations for homegrown wealth generation and generational job growth which has been proven to reduce employment inequality. This will naturally allow business owners to invest money and resources back into their own neighborhoods, schools, and other infrastructure to enrich their community now and generations into the future.

Al Limaye, President of LSInextgen, is the owner of a diverse company. He is passionate about supporting diverse, local businesses and micro economies. “Money spent at local businesses tends to stay in the community fueling the local economic growth” he explains, increasing community economic health and local tax bases.

About LSI nextGen

LSI nextGen is an established technology company that has integrated thousands of systems, applications, and products for Fortune 100 companies in the US for over two decades.

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